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Game Format

The field is approx. 30 yards wide and 40 yards long, not including the 5-yard end zones.

Games are 6 on 6

Teams of 8-10 players all players should play an equal amount of time

Four 10-minute running clock quarters (1-minute break between quarters, 5-minute break at half)

Coin flip determines the choice of possession or direction (the winning team can elect to defer to the 2nd half)

Two 30-second timeouts per half

if the score is tied, an overtime period will take place with each team receiving a possession.

If the game is still tied after the first overtime period an additional overtime period will be played. If still tied after 2 overtime periods the ball will be placed on the 5-yard line going out and each team will get one play with the team gaining the most yards on that play being declared the winner.

Defensive players cannot cross the line of scrimmage until a handoff has occurred – No rushing the QB

The offense may run the ball without limit other than in the no-run zone (no direct QB runs)

A play is dead when:

The clock will only stop for time-outs and injuries (it does not stop for incomplete passes, out-of-bounds, or change of possession)

The clock will also stop in the final 2 minutes of the game if there is an offensive penalty, while the defense is trailing, or vice versa.

If a timeout is called after a touchdown, the clock will not start until the play after the conversion attempt

Teams switch sides at halftime

Coin flip determines the choice of 1st or 2nd possession

Possession begins at the 10-yard line (both teams will go in the same direction)

If a touchdown is scored, a team can elect to go for a 1 or 2-point conversion.

If an interception occurs and is returned for a touchdown on the first possession of an overtime period the game is over.

If an interception occurs the team intercepting the ball can elect to take possession at the 10-yard line, or where the runner is flagged.

Teams alternate first possession each overtime period

There are no runs within five yards of the midfield first down or five yards of the goal line.

One first down at midfield

The ball is placed where the ball is when the flag is pulled

The snapped ball can be between the center’s legs or to the side but must be one continuous motion

The Center cannot take a handoff from the QB

All players are eligible

No leaping (if a player dives, the ball will be spotted where the runner left his feet)

A receiver must have one foot in bounds when making a reception

Only one player can be in motion at the same time

No tackling or blocking

No fumbles (a fumbled, or stripped ball is dead and placed at the spot of the fumble with the offensive team retaining possession) If a player attempts to lateral a ball then the defending team can intercept it and take possession.

Flag is pulled

Runner’s knee touches the ground

Runner steps out of bounds

If a player loses his flag then the opposing team must touch him down.

Games cannot end on a defensive penalty

If the offense commits a penalty on the game’s final possession the game is over.

Offensive Coaches are permitted on the field at all levels ( 2 coaches for K-4th grade divisions and 1 coach for 5th-8th grade divisions) but must remain behind the QB. Defensive coaches must be off the field by the snap of the ball


Defensive Pass Interference – 10-yard penalty and down over

Illegal Contact (holding, jams, etc.) – 5-yard penalty and down over

Illegal Flag Pull (before the player has the ball) – 5-yard penalty and down over

 Off-sides – 5-yard penalty and replay the down

Illegal Rushing (before a hand-off has occurred) – 5-yard penalty and replay the down

Inadvertent tackle – 5-yard penalty (NO DOWN OVER)

Inadvertent tackle From Behind clear path to end zone – Automatic Touchdown

Palpably Unfair Act – when the referee determines a palpably unfair act deprived a team of a touchdown, or a longer play, a touchdown will be rewarded, or a distance penalty will be determined by the referee after consultation with other officials

Unsportsmanlike conduct – 15-yard penalty and automatic 1st down(possible ejection)

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated (Rough play, verbal abuse, trash talking, etc. is cause for an ejection)

If an unsportsmanlike tackle occurs when a runner has a “clear path” to the end zone, the offensive team will be rewarded with a touchdown

Any ejection will cause a player to miss the next game. The second ejection is grounds for expulsion from the league.


Offensive Pass Interference – 10-yard penalty and replay the down

Illegal motion (2 men in motion) – 5-yard penalty and replay the down

False Start – 5-yard penalty, the play was blown dead

Illegal Forward Pass – 5-yard penalty and loss of down

Blocking – the ball is dead at the spot of the block and a 5-yard penalty

Leaping – the ball is dead at the spot

Flag Guarding (including stiff arms) – the ball is dead at the spot

Illegal lateral past the line of scrimmage – the ball is dead and a 5-yard penalty (loss of down)

Unsportsmanlike conduct – 15-yard penalty (ejection)

Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated (Rough play, verbal abuse, trash talking, etc. is cause for an ejection)

Delay of Game – clock is stopped and a 5-yard penalty

There is no intentional grounding penalty

League rules may be changed at any time if problems arise due to concerns with safety conditions, sportsmanship, or competitive balance


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